In an effort to provide our clients and friends with the latest information relating to accounting and taxation, we provide the following resources, several are specific to the construction industry, for download.

Any questions regarding any of these materials can be directed to Chris Iannuzzi at 248.641.0005.

Rev Rec: Contract Abstract Analysis Tool

This analysis tool relates to ASC Topic 606 including certain criteria for an agreement to meet the definition of a contract. If all criteria are not met, the contract is not within the scope of ASC 606 and any consideration received would be recognized as a liability. Contracts can be written, oral, or implied.

Compensation / Salary Report

Iannuzzi Manetta, PAS, Inc., the source for construction industry salary and benefit benchmark data, and CICPAC, the CPAs Who Know Construction, partnered to develop the most comprehensive pay data available in the construction industry. The packet includes the following positions: Senior Project Manager, Senior Estimator.

Mobile Workforce Guidelines for Contractors

The construction industry depends on mobility and getting to where the
projects are located.  This whitepaper presents information to analyze which methods provide the best result for your company as well as compliance tools.

Rev Rec: Using the Modified Retrospective Transition Method

This construction industry whitepaper discusses: defining the modified retrospective method, steps for implementation, documentation overview, and other guidance to help clarify this topic further.

Rev Rec:
Terminology & Concepts

We have compiled this Terminology & Concepts document to summarize the new terms as they relate to the old terms or to define what the new terms are referencing. Use in conjunction with the Revenue Recognition Implementation Guide.

Revenue Recognition Implementation Guide

Our comprehensive guide was released in August 2018. The guide isloaded with information on how the new standard(s) – ASC 606 (Revenue from Contracts with Customers) may affect your business.

Tax Planning Opportunities for Contractors

Summary offering in depth guidance and practical application materials as we work through implementation of the new regulations as information becomes available.

2020-2021 Year End Tax Planning Guide

This guide includes year-round strategies to make the tax laws work for you. Learn about important tax law changes and ways to minimize your income tax liability.