Our tax professionals offer a comprehensive range of tax compliance, consulting and planning services. Whether your needs are federal, state, local or international, business or individual, Iannuzzi Manetta delivers specialized expertise in the following areas:

  • Business Tax Preparation: Whether you are a C-Corp, S-Corp, LLP, LLC, Sole Proprietor, Not for Profit, Private Foundation or other structure, Iannuzzi Manetta helps businesses and organizations of all types with their tax compliance filings.
  • Individual Tax Preparation: Our tax professionals can prepare individual tax returns for both single and married taxpayers, with and without dependents.
  • Estate and Trust Tax Preparation: We offer a full range of tax return services for individuals managing personal wealth including gift tax returns, trust tax returns, and estate tax returns. Iannuzzi Manetta understands the effect of state laws on both federal and state trust and estate tax returns, i.e., community property, beneficiaries and fiduciaries, and assets subject to probate. We take a proactive approach to estate tax preparation to help our clients minimize their current and future taxes.
  • Tax Planning: It’s important to consider your financial objectives for any tax plan, whether they be personal or business related. Through a comprehensive review of your current financial situation, we can recommend a plan for the future that minimizes your tax liabilities while maximizing your achievement of financial objectives. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of proactive tax planning, contact one of our team members today.
  • Credits and Incentives: The professionals at Iannuzzi Manetta stay up-to-date on emerging tax laws and issues so that we are able to pass along knowledge and insight to our clients. There are countless tax credits and incentives available to taxpayers through federal and state taxing organizations to help you minimize your annual tax liability. To learn about credits and incentives you may be missing for your business, please reach out to one of our tax team members.
  • Cost Segregation: Cost Segregation is a tax saving tool for those who have constructed, purchased, or remodeled real property. By segregating and properly reclassifying short-life property, depreciation is accelerated providing tax savings and immediate cash benefits to the company. Contact a member of our tax team to see if your recent investment in your facility qualifies for a cost segregation study.