The complexity of state and local taxation continues to increase as more taxing jurisdictions, under pressure for new sources of revenue, create new taxes, change qualifying definitions for taxation, and are more diligent in collecting these taxes. Iannuzzi Manetta’s tax professionals will assist you in leveraging this complex area of taxation for permanent and recurring savings while ensuring you effectively manage your tax audit risk. Ultimately, we can help you manage the taxes and fees imposed by the various taxing jurisdictions that your company operates in.

  • Sales and Use Tax Reporting: Nearly every transaction of goods and many service transactions now come with an added charge for sales or use taxes. Each business, large or small, must consider the taxability of everything that is sold, bought and consumed.
  • Entity Set-up & Structuring: Corporations, partnerships, and LLC’s all have uniquely different tax rules. IMC can help you decide which business formation is ideal for you based upon your industry, geographic footprint, risk tolerance, short and long term objectives. We are always ready to sit down with you to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each type of business structure.
  • If your business activities are triggering unwanted taxes in new jurisdictions, consult with us on how you may be able to better manage your state and local taxes.