Moving to a cloud-based accounting solution can be a game changer!

When a company chooses to improve their accounting procedures and processes, they identify certain objectives and set expectations for how the solution will be framed and implemented. This whitepaper discusses the advantages of cloud-based accounting (CBA) and how it can help streamline your company’s growth objectives.

With a pinch hitting partner like Iannuzzi Manetta, you will leverage the best practices in your accounting department to ensure your most efficient and productive team. Our team of experienced CPAs have a great batting average and will help you increase accuracy and become a more efficient solution without the expenses of hiring additional resources, so your existing personnel can hit it out of the park.

“Our clients inquired about cloud-based solutions to scale as they grew. We evaluated capabilities and integration tactics and Sage Intacct® was the solution without question. We focus on one strategic goal: To provide the highest valued accounting and tax services to our clients, so they grow with financial security.

Dave Curry, Director   |   | 248.641.0005

Advantages of Moving to the Cloud

There are many reasons companies move to the cloud for accounting; however, we’d like to focus on four things we hear from our clients the most:

I need more staff to eliminate mundane tasks from my CFO’s plate!

Ease of Use + Efficiency = Increased Productivity.  The convenience factor is a highly compelling reason to move your company to a cloud-based accounting solution. When it comes to ease of use, more of your team will enjoy greater efficiency and accomplish more in less time.

My monthly financials take too long and payroll isn’t getting out on time!

Improved Monthly Financials and 24/7 Accessibility. Performing tasks from anywhere at anytime and always having your data accessible is key in today’s business marketplace.

Our reports aren’t timely, we need help streamlining to get real-time data!

Automation in Real-Time. Setting up automated data feeds from banks and credit card companies will streamline A/R and A/P functions, reducing the amount of human error that exists with manual entry or reconciliations.

We are scared of the cloud. We’ve heard it’s costly and our data isn’t safe?

Eliminate Software Upgrade Headaches and Enjoy Advanced Security. There is no longer a need for physical data storage or scheduled software upgrades that may cause downtime and no new hardware either.

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