Online Privacy Policy
Iannuzzi Manetta is concerned about privacy issues in regard to business practices and the Internet. It is our resolve to safeguard, to the best of our ability, all client and contact information within the realm of our business activities.

Data Collection
The Internet allows for the collection of certain data from all visitors to any Website, including ours. This data is normally kept in a password-protected log file that is set up and maintained by the host of a Website. The log file contains the following information about visitors to our Website:

  • Domain name visitor used to access the Internet
  • Date and time of access to our Website
  • Internet address of the Website from which a visitor came, if any
  • Name of the browser software used to access our Website
  • Pages or items of a Website accessed by a visitor

Frequently, we access this log file to analyze its content. The information gained may help us improve our overall services, which includes the usefulness of our Website to visitors.

Submitted Information
Visitors who intend to send us information about themselves or others need to know that unencrypted e-mail is not a safe means to convey confidential information such as credit card numbers, etc.

In certain sections of our Website, visitors are prompted to contact us via online forms.

Form data submitted via “http” protocol is not secure. Within online forms, we will not prompt or encourage visitors to enter information considered valuable and susceptible to being accessed by a third party. Form data submitted via the “https” protocol is encrypted and, therefore, considered secure.

All forms used in our Website identify a proper level of usage.

Terms of Use

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