For a reliable partner in planning to succeed in your business activities, Iannuzzi Manetta provides a host of management consultation services designed to leverage your company’s current resources and optimize your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our services include:

  • Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis: Cash flow and budgeting analysis is an important tool that can make or break the ability of a business to survive. Cash flow statements focus on the amount of money coming in and going out of a business, but also on the timing of transactions in order to minimize peaks and valleys in the availability of cash on hand. A budgeting analysis is a decision-making snapshot of the benefits, costs, and risks associated with potential expenditures and investments.
  • Fraud Prevention/Detection and Forensic Accounting: As businesses prosper and grow, fraud loss becomes an increased risk. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, businesses lose an average of five percent of their annual revenues to fraud related activities. Our fraud prevention, detection and forensic accounting services:
    • Develop stronger internal controls and fraud prevention framework
    • Evaluate whether a fraud investigation is warranted
    • Devise and coordinate the investigative plan
    • Perform forensic accounting procedures in relation to ascertaining facts, quantifying damages or both
    • Develop controls to prevent the recurrence of fraud or misconduct