To help your company navigate the complexity of international tax issues, the firm offers services designed to accommodate the variables and challenges of global tax compliance. We can assist clients in the following areas

Entity Set-up & Structuring:
When starting a new business, owners must decide which type of entity, or business structure, to choose. The business entity choice determines how taxes are filed, what accounting methods to use and who bears liability for the business. Depending upon your international footprint, Iannuzzi Manetta can help you determine an ideal entity and structure to minimize exposure to tax liability.

U.S. Inbound and Outbound (Expatriate) Executives:
The firm provides comprehensive solutions to complex international tax and wealth issues facing today’s population of global executives. Our advisors assist you in maximizing your wealth by focusing on minimizing your effective global tax rate.

We can assist employers and executives with:

  • Tax planning for U.S. inbound and outbound (expatriate) executives
  • Domestic and host country tax compliance
  • Comprehensive and integrated expatriate tax planning
  • Comprehensive and integrated financial counseling
  • Payroll and compensation matters for employers and expatriate employees
  • Planning for departure/expatriation from the U.S. (i.e., relinquishing green card or citizenship)
  • Assistance and representation with tax audits and disputes with tax authorities