The construction industry, by its very nature, depends on mobility and getting to where the projects are located, whether that is across a city or region, state, or country. Costs related to mobility are unique and there are various methods of covering or reimbursing your workforce for those costs. The methods you use and your compliance with the related regulations can impact the ultimate cost to your organization as well as your employees and the difference can be significant.

The intent of this guidance is to present information you need to analyze which methods provide the best result for your organization as well as some helpful tools to assist with compliance.

Some sections of the guide include:

  • accountable versus non-accountable plans
  • reimbursable travel expenses / types of work assignments
  • company provided lodging
  • working condition fringe benefits

“Our Construction clients are always asking about the latest technologies that will help them in the field. This guide presents information to help analyze which method(s) can provide the best result for your company. ”

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