Valuable Information to Help You and Your Company Minimize the Tax Burden

It’s here! The 2018-19 Tax Planning Guide! It does require some proactive planning, estimating your tax liability, looking for ways to reduce it and taking timely action. If you don’t have the time necessary, we can help.

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Guide contents include:

  • How does the TCJA (Tax Cuts & Job Act) affect your tax strategies?
  • Smart tax planning for your executive compensation package is crucial
  • Keep taxes from eroding your investment returns
  • The TCJA colors the 2018 real estate tax landscape
  • Business owners must look at the TCJA and beyond
  • Make your charitable giving count in 2018
  • Plan for your child’s financial security
  • Leveraging the power of tax – advantaged retirement plans
  • Estate planning: Assess your strategies in light of recent tax law changes
  • How can you minimize tax savings this year?